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Make the most of this country’s scenic locations and rely on Fixer Cuba. This country is from afar, one of the most photogenic locations, for any kind of production. For classical movies, documentaries, to blockbusters, you find the ideal setting here. 

We are a local journalist fixer providing extensive support. Equipment rental or translation and beyond, we offer unrivaled production assistance. Our insightful experience is more than what you expect from a journalist fixer. Our wide-ranging portfolio fits various international media agencies, TV crews, and filmmakers. And our rates are by far, the most convenient ones.

When filming in Cuba, get the best local resources. Get ready to enjoy full support without breaking the piggy bank. Fixer Cuba can accommodate all your production needs. Drop us a message and we make sure you can enjoy your mojito while we handle the details. Production support for filming in Cuba has never been better!

Why choose Fixer Cuba as Your Production Fixer?

Find your place under the sun while filming in Cuba, with our production assistance. From Havana’s Malecon all the way through the islands, Fixer Cuba is a top support provider. Our team of media experts can accommodate all your production needs. Travel back in time in Old Havana or explore the gorgeous beaches and bays. Filming in Cuba can be an enchanting experience and we make sure to keep it that way. We know where to find what you need and we can also get the best deals for you.

Filmmakers and journalists know our experience as a fixer in Cuba is priceless. Yet our rates are down-to-earth. While you enjoy a mojito, our nationwide partners provide the top local resources. Filming in Cuba will not cost you an arm and a leg when you rely on our production assistance. Discover our comprehensive list of fixing and production services here

Accesible Filming Resources & Permits

Make the most of this country’s ridiculously good-looking locations. Filming in Cuba will make you dance on air, while we provide you the support you need. As a local fixer in Cuba, we know the island’s secrets and hidden gems. We put you in contact with the best crew for hire or equipment rental providers. We scout out for any service you need. From translation to location scouting, Fixer Cuba knows the drill for any formality. We help you soak up in this country’s vibes and capture it on film. Documentary filming, Hollywood blockbusters, we have experience with any kind of video productions. Trust Fixer Cuba to accommodate your production needs.

We strive to make local filming resources accessible and affordable. Count on our production assistance for the best results. Trust us to be the fixer in Cuba you have been dreaming of. Our extensive support is everything a filmmaker or journalist needs and deserves. When you plan to film in Cuba, make sure you drop us a message. To see our suggestions for the best filming locations in Cuba, visit this page.

Filming in Cuba with Us

fixer Cuba, Reliable Support for International Filmmakers and Journalists

Open your eyes to a world of possibilities when filming in Cuba. Known as ‘the key to the New World”, this stunning archipelago will offer you plenty of inspiration. Locations are worthy of Hollywood major productions, like Transformers or Fast and Furious. Meanwhile, the production support we offer fits even small-sized projects. So get ready to capture plenty of photogenic contrasts while filming in Cuba. Find your place under the sun on one of its 200 bays or 250 beaches. With the support of Fixer Cuba, you will not dance on the razor’s edge for the film permit. Our extensive production assistance includes even equipment rental, translation or support with formalities. Speaking of which, click here to find out more information about filming conditions in Cuba, as well as permits and tax rebate systems. 

Fixer Cuba is the top choice for many international media brands. Our insightful experience as a journalist fixer makes a great difference in production. And our reputation is far from being sugar-coated. The only sweet thing about us is the deal we can offer you. Our fully vetted team can accommodate all your needs while filming in Cuba. And our rates will not force you to break the piggy bank to afford it.

Custom Services & Flawless Fact-Checking with Fixer Cuba

We are available for collaborations with filmmakers or journalists filming in Cuba. We provide customizable services, adapted to your needs and budget. If you are covering a story or doing a news report in Cuba, we are the journalist fixer you need for top support. We can get you great deals on crew for hire, equipment rental or guide you in getting the film permit. 

Fixer Cuba is part of Storytailors video production company, a global network of media professionals who offer reliable production & fixing services. If you are curious to find out more about our work, visit this page.

Get a more detailed perspective on the services Fixer Cuba can provide. Drop us a message and we can help you with primary research and consultation services, all free of charge. For reliable production assistance when filming in Cuba, we are a message away. Contact us today!

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