For engaging video productions or historical documentaries, filming in Cuba is a great choice. Besides locations for blockbusters, the country also gets a lot of political controversy. Explore its full potential, with the help of experienced journalist fixers in Cuba. From news reports to any audiovisual production, we are at your service.

As top journalist fixers in Cuba, we offer local support to filmmakers and media crews. We have collaborators across the whole archipelago. Equipment rental, translation, you name it, we do it. We even provide guidance for getting film permits in Cuba.

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Access for Filming in Cuba

Filming in Cuba is not as easy as a walk on El Malecon. The country’s potential is thoroughly protected by legislation. Authorities keep an eye on everything that moves under the Cuban blue skies. There are several filters applied in getting a video production approved. The most important is that your project does not address politically sensitive topics. Anything that can prejudice the image of the Cuban people or the country is usually rejected.

Your crew members will need a temporary work permit. The request takes about ten days to process. Clearance is also mandatory for all equipment you plan to bring. To avoid the hassle, our team of journalist fixers is at your service.

Details are also crucial, from the number of people involved to the chosen locations. The budget you plan to spend or the time you will be filming in Cuba are relevant as well. The whole process of approval may discourage independent filmmakers and not only. That is where our top production assistance enters the stage. Whether you plan documentary filming or a TV commercial, we know how to get fast access for filming in Cuba.

We have collaborated with various media brands and gained valuable knowledge. Activating as journalist fixers, we have a deep understanding of bureaucratic processes. Our production assistance keeps you safe from the time-consuming and nerve-racking part.

Let us shed some light on bureaucracy. For paperwork and access for filming in Cuba, trust us to be the reliable journalist fixers you need.

Getting Film Permits In Cuba

Filming in Cuba, Filming in Cuba

Enjoy filming in Cuba, let our production fixers make paperwork less nerve-racking. For film permits in Cuba, let us show you the right path. Count on our crew of local journalist fixers to guide you through the formalities.

The topic of film permits in Cuba can be time-consuming and bring too many bumps on the road. As the legislation fiercely protects the country’s values, filmmakers may feel discouraged. Avoid stepping into a paperwork minefield, count on local production fixers. We know time is precious, even more when filming in Cuba. As leading journalist fixers, we can negotiate or get you all the small details with ease.

The Asociación Cubana del Audiovisual (ACAV) is an important non-profit organization. Aiming to develop the Cuban film industry, ACAV can help foreigners comply with the rules.

On average, for getting your film permits in Cuba, expect an average of two-three weeks. Based on the number of locations, people involved, the period of shooting, and budget, it can take less. Larger productions take more processing time and imply higher fees. Guerrilla shooting gets approval faster for the capital. Keep in mind, there is detailed documentation required for any film permit.

Rely on a local team of experienced production fixers. Trust Fixer Cuba to help.

Tax Rebate in Cuba

Filming in Cuba, Filming in Cuba

The Cuban film industry has been growing since the beginning of the 20th century. The government tries to encourage the independent, local film industry more. For a foreign production company, a more thorough selection process has to take place. Before you get approval for filming in Cuba, preliminary steps are necessary. We, Fixer Cuba, are a local crew of media experts, here to help. As a leading fixer for film production, we can help you make the most of local resources.

If filming in Cuba is one of your upcoming plans, let us shed some light on the tax rebates. Our experience as a fixer for documentary and more, lets us have answers for any of your questions. The grant or the rebate is the amount of funds a production company can receive. The sum depends on the qualifying expenses and job opportunities created.

At the moment, there are no tax incentives for foreign productions filming in Cuba. In other words, the tax rebate scheme does not apply to international projects.

For any type of video production, rely on Fixer Cuba to help you with the formalities. Trust a professional fixer for film production to make the most of all the local resources. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help.