Reliable Production Assistance in Cuba

Enjoy professional production assistance in Cuba to make sure your project goes great. From El Capitolio to the colonial cities and beyond, our production assistance is what you need. Consider us the key for hassle-free filming in Cuba. We make sure you get access to experienced crew for hire or equipment rental. If you are short of staff, let your fixer in Cuba fill in those vacant spots. From location manager to camera operator, we know the most experienced people. Wide-ranging and affordable services are our promises as a leading fixer in Cuba.

We cover a large array of services, relevant for your shooting. Translation, location scouting or equipment rental are part of our production assistance. Hire us as your local production fixer in Cuba for the most convenient rates. Enjoy the most accessible production support, at a deal almost as good as a mojito by the beach. Choose Fixer Cuba, choose top support!

Production assistance in Cuba – Our services

Fixer in Cuba

The land of sun and rum may steal your heart away, but filming in Cuba can be challenging. Rely on a local fixer in Cuba to guide your steps. Avoid dancing on a razor’s edge, count on our production assistance. We are a team of local fixers that provide full support. From film permits to location scouting, we are the fixer in Cuba you want and deserve.

Filming in Cuba has you on good hands when it comes to any specific logistics. Our local collaborators will provide all you need, in any location. Our services are customizable, adjusting the final prices to your budget. Enjoy having a reliable fixer in Cuba by your side.

Film permit in Cuba

Extremely photogenic, Cuba can also feel impenetrable. The intricate formalities may discourage filmmakers. We offer extensive support for getting your film permit in Cuba. We ensure you get the approvals in time for shooting.

Any film production company must submit a request and some specific documents. These include details about the shooting period, budget, crew, and locations. A state-approved film production company must approve your project. This will not happen if the script prejudices the image of the country or the people. After your project gets approved, the permit takes about two weeks. Additional permits can be necessary, depending on your locations. For extended shoots, expect delays of three weeks for a film permit in Cuba.

Convenient Rates on Equipment Rental

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Enjoy filming in Cuba with the top-notch gadgets. For the ultimate camera package rental, rely on our production assistance to find the best suppliers. Working as a fixer in Cuba has helped us enrich our network of collaborators nationwide.

For your upcoming production in Cuba, you deserve the best tools. Luckily, equipment rental is part of our portfolio. Capture Havana’s true colors with state-of-the-art camera package rental.

Avoid the hassle of restrictions for local equipment rental or crew for hire. Trust our team to be the fixer in Cuba you truly deserve. For the sweetest deals on equipment rental, we are a message away.

Professional Crew for Hire in Cuba

Production fixers are a filmmaker’s best friend, even more when filming in Cuba. We help you find the perfect crew for hire, ready to dance to your tune. From camera operators, location scout managers to translators, we know them all. Our experience as a fixer in Cuba allowed us to expand our contacts. So we know where to find the most reliable staff to join your production.

The best way to do an insightful production is working with local staff. We have the means and experience to find the crew for hire you need. We can provide you with the best production assistance or the most talented camera operator in no time.

Cuba’s film industry has been developing in the last decades. So local production fixers have plenty of experience in assisting international filmmakers.

With flexible, average-priced crew for hire, a top fixer in Cuba can help you ride the waves. We are Fixer Cuba, at your service.

Wide-Ranging Location Scouting in Cuba

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Find the best spots for your production in Havana and beyond. For documentary filming or TV commercials, this country has it all. Rely on our location scouting in Cuba to find what fits your upcoming production. Enjoy top production assistance, while capturing the distinctive vibe of each place.

From Old Havana to Guantanamo, we are a leading fixer in Cuba. Our network of collaborators helps us know the archipelago like the back of our hand. El Capitolio or Cuartel Moncado? Our ideas for location scouting in Cuba bring you a selection of the most scenic places.

When filming in Cuba, count on us for island-hopping or soaking up the capital’s pizzazz.

Journalist Fixer in Cuba

With its scenic natural landscape and colonial buildings, Cuba is by far a great place to shoot. The intricate mix of beauty and controversial political status may discourage foreign journalists. As the freedom of the press is under close observation of the authorities, covering news here can be hard. Rely on a local journalist fixer in Cuba to show you the way around. Our production assistance helps you work unhindered.

To make sure you get your film permit in time, contact us. Trust on the production assistance of a professional journalist fixer in Cuba. Our collaborators can help you cover the stories or score the interviews you want.

Any international film production company knows production assistance is a treasure in Cuba. Rely on a local journalist fixer to provide you the support you need for getting a film permit or any approval. Whether your Spanish is rusty or up to date, local help is a good ace to have up your sleeve. A knowledgeable journalist fixer in Cuba can save you from time-consuming bureaucratic processes.

Choose our production assistance and you will be in good hands. Fixer Cuba is the journalist fixer you can rely on. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you.