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Fixer Cuba is a top agency of production fixers you know you can rely on. Our crew of production fixers will go the extra mile to make sure you have all you need for filming in Cuba.

Get the best production assistance. When filming in Cuba, things are better with a fully vetted team of production fixers by your side. Get the local resources you deserve, rely on Fixer Cuba.

We are part of the Storytailors video production company. Together, we are an international network of media experts. We provide local support to journalists and filmmakers worldwide.

We are at your service, tell us more about your plans for filming in Cuba.

production fixers, Who We Are


International Production Specialist

Clementina is a Latin-American Director and Producer with over 10 years of experience. Having been involved in projects filmed in a number of locations from the US to South America, her credits include productions with UNICEF, North One TV UK and Disney Plus. Clementina’s previous experience boasts commercial work as the Head of Production of Avocado Marketing Agency, helping clients like Gatorade and Huggies, and non-commercial work as director and producer of several short movies.

Professional Production Fixers

What could be better than a team of production fixers dancing to your tune? Filming in Cuba only gets better when you partner up with media experts. Any international film production company knows support is golden in some remote destinations. So, take advantage of the expertise of a local journalist fixer. We are a one-stop-shop for small and large-scale productions.

Face the nerve-racking bureaucracy with the help of experienced production fixers. We know best the steps you have to take for getting your project approved. The Cuban authorities have very specific requirements for any foreign production company. So, to make sure you get approval for filming in Cuba, count on us. Take a mojito break and let us guide you through the best locations or find suitable staff. Our wide-ranging support covers the whole archipelago.

Join the long list of international media brands that trust us. Our skills of journalist fixer prove useful when you are filming in Cuba. For covering a story here, count on us to get you closer to the action.

Turn your production into a real hit, make the most of local resources. Team up with professional production fixers and get Cuba’s glam on film.

Production Assistance For Worldwide Media Brands

Get access to top-quality local resources when filming in Cuba. Our team of production fixers provides reliable support, at the best rates. Fixer Cuba makes sure you do not have to break the bank to get top support. In the land of sugarcane rum and salsa rhythms, our production assistance is a sweet deal.

There is no need for sugarcoating our performance, our portfolio says it all. We are leading production fixers, offering filmmakers and journalists an insightful experience. When filming in Cuba, worldwide recognized media brands relied on our production assistance. History Channel, Discovery Channel, the BBC or the New York Times are only a few. We dare you to trust our professional fixers and they will not disappoint you. Drop us a line and tell us more about your plans for filming in Cuba.

One of the best aspects of working with us is the down-to-earth rates. With our customized services, you get the production assistance of a regular company. But with our flexible rates, the final price will fit your budget.

Choose Fixer Cuba, choose top-performance in production assistance. For TV commercials, documentary filming, blockbusters or indie movies, get the best resources. Enjoy top services and the sweetest deals.


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